The rental agreement concerning a holiday residence between the owner of the residence and  TENERITAS DOO, CROATIA, TRADING AS CROATIAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT AND CROATIAN PROPERTY RENTALS (intermediary for marketing, advertising and calendar management) is based on the following conditions.

The owner hereby requests

CROATIAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT  AND OWNERS DIRECT CROATIA  or  related  agents to arrange the  mediation of the holiday residence, through advertising, marketing and booking management.

The owner authorizes  

CROATIAN PROPERTY MANAGEMENT  AND OWNERS DIRECT CROATIA and  related  agents – in the name of the owner – to let the property to a third party (tenant) respecting the following conditions.

Changes, additions and modifications to this

contract must be in writing to be valid.

1. TENERITAS DOO obligations:

Responsibility for mediation: TENERITAS DO operates as mediator between owner and tenant.

Consequently TENERITAS DOO  is responsible for correct and appropriate mediation in compliance with laws in force on behalf and under the instruction from the owners.

Efficient rental: TENERITAS DOO accepts the responsibility to let the holiday residence on the best possible conditions.

TENERITAS DOO covers  costs  for 1 property visit, optimising descriptions, presentation on the Internet and advertising, necessary for optimal rental.

As both parties are interesting in renting the property as well as possible, the landlord agrees to supply necessary documentation, floor plans, descriptions photos inventory and management  appropriate for guest comfort.

Conditions of payment:

Payment will be on booking  to the Nominated  Croatian bank account of the Owner or their Nominated Croatian Representative,  Croatian Bank Account.

Where In case of damage:

If the tenant causes damage to the house, land , installations or equipment during the rental period he is fully responsible.

The owner is entitled to demand immediate compensation of the tenant. Lesser damage can be set off against the tenant’s deposit. If no immediate amicable settlement is possible, TENERITAS DOO  must immediately be informed in writing. TENERITAS DOO will reasonably expect the Owner to  then contact the local Manager  to inform  the  tenant in order to try claiming the amount for the damage caused, or in the case of the Tenant having left the Property TENERITAS DOO will mediate and contact the Tenant with a full report supplied from the Owner or Manager

 Information about rental:

TENERTAS DOO will inform the owner in writing ,  about all rentals,. Only information in writing is binding for TENERITAS DOO. Using links provided , the owner can check all bookings  on the Internet.

2. Owner’s obligations

Correct information about the holiday property:

TENERITAS DOO. enters into the mediation contract on the condition that  all the owner’s information about the property (situation, surroundings,distances, Licences, equipment etc.) is correct.

The owner is responsible for  incorrect, false or misleading information, even if TENERITAS DOO has inspected the property.

Regular information about the holiday property:

The owner of the holiday property is obliged to inform TENERITAS DOO immediately about all substantial modifications concerning the holiday property (furniture, sleeping arrangements and their distribution, installations, surroundings etc.).

Holiday property ready for occupation:

It is the owner’s responsibility to assure that the tenant receives the property in impeccable, clean and damage-free condition. The property must be functioning, decently furnished, fully licensed and compliant under Croatian law with sufficient storage facilities for the maximum number of occupants allowed, and equipped with all necessary kitchen, seating and bedding equipment.

Responsibility for the property’s standard and interior:

The house-owner’s are obliged to keep the property and its installations in good and safe conditions in every respect, so that the tenant can use the house without being damaged. All Utility bills must be paid  to ensure adequate supply for occupation  or penalties  will be applied to the Owner

The house-owner is obliged to keep TENERITAS DOO non-liable to pay compensation for any damages or claims, which can be raised in this connection.

Payment for extra service:

The owner must – unless otherwise agreed – claim payment for services not included in the price agreed on by TENERITAS DOO  (electricity, heating, Internet, telephone use and visitor’s tax).

Fixed  amounts are not allowed; everything must be charged on the basis of actual consumption. TENERITAS DOO  must be informed of such extra costs i.e. registered as part of the contract.

 3. Owner’s Rights

Surety: The owner or his representative may on the tenant’s arrival request a deposit (100 EURO to 1000 EURO) as a warrant for the tenant’s obligations. A receipt should be issued in a copy for Tenant  and Owner This deposit must be returned on the Tenant’s  departure if no damage is established. Owner is obliged  to supply a full inventory and price list to determine damage amounts.

Holiday in own property:

If TENERITAS DOO has not already let the property the owner may book their family period.  It must be requested by January 31 of each Year.  In case the owner wishes to make a private reservation, they must immediately inform Teneritas doo . This booking will be treated as any normal booking and subject to commission @10% of rental rate.

For own use the owner is obliged to ask TENERITAS DOO whether the property is available or not. Without confirmation from TENERITAS DOO the requested  period will not be blocked.

4. Tenant’s obligations:

The TENERITAS DOO rental conditions are published on  TENERITAS DOO websites and Tenant contract and  are known to the tenants.

By payment of the rental amount the Tenant  has accepted these conditions. The rental conditions clearly establish the tenant’s responsibility for all damage caused by himself  or his companions.

He must also leave the holiday residence in proper condition. If no cleaning is included in the rental amount, the Tenant  is responsible for cleaning, i.e. the house must be left as clean as found  on arrival, with laundry left in the Laundry basket

5. Owner’s rent

For the first complete season the agreed rate (restitution, reduction or compensation paid to the client) has to comply with the rental charge quoted in the agreement between TENERITAS DOO and the owner of the vacation home. Either per booking rate or fixed season rate, which will be paid to the Croatian Bank account of the Owner or nominated Croatian Representative, in case of provision  arrangement  20% , will be payable to Teneritas doo, for Advertising and will be invoiced on booking date , to be paid prior to guest arrival. The agreed rate and seasons can be varied by TENERITAS DOO for each season. Rates are agreed including special offers prior to season, but may be adjusted in the season to increase bookings.

The owner will be advised of these amendments before the 1st July of the current year   for the ensuing  season.  The agreed rate includes all applicable taxes, duties and fees. Therefore, if the agreed rate to be paid from  TENERITAS DOO to the house  owner with regard to this agreement is subject to taxes, duties or other fees, the liability to pay these taxes, duties and fees rests solely with  the house owner.

The following services are included within the rental charge and the responsibility of the Owner or Owners representative:

maintenance of the co- tenant structures including swimming pool  (if applicable) according to the minimum requirement of quality · consumption of gas, water, electrical power and heating if no other agreements existing

6. TENERITAS DOO Right of Disposal:

 The owner’s holiday property is at TENERITAS DOO exclusive disposal for the agreed period. During this period, only TENERITAS DOO and its agents may offer the holiday property for rent. Neither another firm nor any third person may offer the property for rent. This right of disposal is reduced to the owner’s advantage for a period of 30 days before the start of the respective rental periods. If TENERITAS DOO has not announced any rentals 30 days before beginning of the rental period, the owner may for the corresponding period automatically dispose freely over his holiday property. The owner is then obliged to inform TENERITAS DOO immediately of such occupation or obtain reassurance from TENERITAS DOO that the property is available and this booking  will be treated as a normal booking at the reduced commission rate of 10%

7. Reasons for cancellation/time limits:

 The contract between the owner of the holiday property and TENERITAS DOO is automatically prolonged until one of the contracting parties rescinds

it. Cancellation must take place in writing by registered mail. If the contract is rescinded before 31st of May of the current year, it will be null and void by the end of that season.  If TENERITAS DOO is unable to have disposal of the holiday property during the agreed rental period for reasons imputable to the owner, the owner is responsible for lost turnover, administrative, production (Flat rate 750 EURO) and other costs incurred  by TENERITAS DOO, especially also for costs caused by necessary replacement

bookings for rental agreements already signed (350 EURO per booking).

If the holiday property cannot be put at the tenant’s disposal because  it is damaged or uninhabitable, TENERITAS DOO may annul the contract with

immediate effect. In case of sale of the property the owner is obliged to assure that the new owner will respect agreed obligations towards TENERITAS DOO, especially in respect of actual bookings. Should termination be unavoidable from the owners side in the case of a sale. The owner is obligated to pay compensation to TENERITAS DOO in the amount of the advertising , photographic and other vouched expenses in relation to the advertising of said property.

8. Final Provisions/ Jurisdiction:

The rental amount is agreed from conclusion of the contract until the

end of the current season. Changes during the season are excluded.

In the event of the owner breaching this contract, he is obliged to

compensate losses and costs suffered by TENERITAS DOO (see above, *7, at  least 750 EURO).






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