As of 01.01.2014, based on implementation of EU directives, The Croatian Government, has implemented new regulation with regard to : property owners, real estate agencies, rental agencies, investors, adverstisers for sale/ rental of  properties, portals and media etc.

The new regulation on ENERGY AUDITS AND ENERGY CERTIFICATION OF BUILDINGS  (BER CERTIFICATE) according to Article 12. of same regulation, prescribes the following:

  1. 1.     The property owner of ( house, apartment, office space) is obliged, when selling, renting or leasing his property, to show , energy certificate to prospective buyer, renter or tenant if required.

Energy certificate, must be available , upon signing of property purchase contract and it is the integral part of such contract.

  1. 2.     When the property is offered for sale, rent, lease or advertised in media or portals, energy class notice of such property, must be specified.
  2. A longer process is available for rental only properties , due to long waiting lists, all must be completed by 2016. Their is a grey area regarding inspections as it is widely believed that to rent you must show you have applied and are on waiting list.


Energy certificate is a document , which in prescribed way and parameters ,demonstrate the energy performance of building   ( heating , joinery , quality of walls , air etc.), and is issued only by an authorized person .

Is it , mandatory to have an energy certificate ?

Yes , mandatory energy certification of buildings in Croatia is introduced by Article 12. of the Law on Spatial Planning and Construction ( Official Gazette 76 / 07 , 38 / 09 , 55/11 , 90/11 ) ,and implemented by Regulations on building energy audits and energy certification of buildings ( OG 81 /12, 29/13 and 78 / 13 ) .

Are there fines if property owner fails to obtain the energy certificat ?

Yes , according to the Law on efficient use of energy in final energy consumption( 152/08, 55/12) , the prescribed fine for not obtaining, the energy certificate is in the amount of 10,000.00 to 150,000.00 Kn .

What is the purpose of  the energy certificate:

The purpose of the energy certificate is to provide information to owners and users of building on its energy performance , energy consumption and possible proposals to reduce or improve the overall energy performance .

What is the cost of an energy certificate:

The price is determined by the energy certification legislation and prescribed by the tariffs of Ministry . The method of calculating the price is dependant on the complexity of the building coefficient. Most providers are offering abase price for application as it is prescribed by law. However, they do not include the collection of data , thermal measurements, paperwork etc., This is an extra cost. Our price is all inclusive and based on large numbers of properties . Gathering all information and preparations are prepared in batches and forwarded to the  legally certified Engineers . this keeps the cost affordeable

Who needs an energy certificate:

The energy certificate is obliged to  have every public building or part of a mixed-use building which as an independent functional unit,is used for a public or commercial  purpose and any other building or  self-contained unit that is built, sold , rented , leased or given a lease unless this Regulation provides otherwise ;

 non-residential buildings ( commercial , office , schools , colleges , kindergartens , hospitals , sports buildings , hotels , restaurants , shopping centers , museums , libraries … ) ;

 all newly built property ( CONDITION FOR USAGE PERMIT ! )

residential building or part of a building that is being sold

 What energy certificate document contains:

Energy certificate document is 25 page document, that contains,the following:

General information about the building, building energy, information about the person who issued the energy certificate, information on HVAC systems, climate data, data on the energy and baseline explanations of technical terms, a list of applied regulations and standards, calculation of all building power appliances etc.


Please email include in subject BER Quote. In body of message, please supply name of Owner, Address of Property and Plot Number. If you are an Association or apt. block we offer a block certification service which is offering a great financial saving


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