Under Article 387th Law on Ownership and Other Property Rights (“Official Gazette”, No. 91/96), the Croatian Government at its session held on 19 June 1997. adopted


About the Building Maintenance

Article 1

This Regulation governs the issues of a common purpose reserve funds to maintain the buildings in co-owned, the type and manner of taking urgent and necessary repairs to buildings and issues related to the delivery of data on dwellings.

Article 2

Reserve funds of the joint owners of the building used by the annual or multi-year program, especially for a cover costs:

– Regular maintenance and improvement of joint components and devices of the building,

– Hotfix joint parts and devices of the building,

– Emergency repair of joint components and devices of the building,

– Ensuring building code osiguravajuæeg society

– Replacement of existing and installation of new common components and devices of the building,

– Repayment of the loan to finance the costs of maintaining and improving the building,

– Business building manager.

Reserve funds of the joint co-owners are bound TO BE PAID  ​​a special account that will open for that purpose together or co-authorized persons.

The manager has a common reserve funds, under the conditions and within the limits determined under the contract which the governor concluded with the co-owners.

Article 3

If the owners of the building do not regulate meðuvlasnièkim , common parts of the building and the device are:

– Supporting structure of the building (foundations, bearing walls, columns, meðukatna construction, roof construction, etc.)

– Cover,

– Passable and impassable common terrace,

– Building facades, involved windows and doors,

– Elements of protection against external influences on the shared parts of the building (shutters, blinds, shutters, etc.)

– Roof sheet metal and other parts of the building on a common,

– Chimneys and ventilation ducts, fire hydrants, fire protection systems and installations, including the fire extinguishers in the common parts of the building,

– Shared including staircases and banister,

– Fire approached, ladders and stairs,

– Elevators in the joint parts of the building with the installations and equipment that enables their regular use,

– Installations for the supply of gas and electricity by meter apartment or other separate part of the building,

– Installation of sewers, the vertical and horizontal lines and basic installations, involved manholes,

– Plumbing from the main water meter for the building to separate installation for each apartment or other separate part of the building and to the water meter in an apartment or other separate part of the building,

– Sanitary devices and plumbing and sewage system in the common areas of the building,

– Installing electricity tariff lighting and other appliances in the common parts of the building, the main distribution plate with a timer, the electrical installations for residential and various parts of the building to the meter for an apartment or other separate part of the building,

– Necessity and panic lighting,

– A common central heating installation and central domestic hot water to the radiator valves or valves spent in an apartment or other separate part of the building,

– Radiators and other grijaæa joint body of the building,

– Telephone wiring to the point of separation in an apartment or other separate part of the building,

– A joint television or radio antenna installations including cable and satellite systems with amplifier and all other joint devices that allows regular admission to a place of separation in an apartment or other separate part of the building,

– Installations and equipment for the bell, electric locks and internal intercom from the entrance to an apartment or other separate part of the building or to place separate installation for each apartment or other separate part of the building,

– Joint boiler and heat substations,

– A joint hydro plant and wells for water, prepumpne cells sewers and pumping stations for water, electric generators, rechargeable batteries and other devices for lighting, running elevators, etc.

– Lightning arresters

– Channels for bags,

– Septièke pit.

Article 4

Joint reserve funds are used to maintain the same parts and devices building in architectural and functional status, as follows:

– Maintaining and painting walls, ceilings, exterior and interior woodwork and upholstery work,

– Maintaining hardware, radiators, other grijaæih odgovarajuæih bodies and other elements of the building,

– Coating the walls and ceilings, lime,

– Coating chimney

– Replacement cover

– Keramièarski and other works on the finishing floor and wall coverings,

– Replacement of flooring and coating floors,

– Repair of facades

– Replacing and repairing doors and windows including the elements of protection against external influences (shutters, blinds, shutters, etc.)

– Repair and flat roof cover,

– Maintenance of lighting and other devices ELECTRIC (replacement bulb, switch,, sockets, bells, lights, internal voice devices, etc.) and maintaining outdoor illumination belonging to the building,

– Replacement and repair of locks and other items belonging to the building,

– Maintenance of the plantations, trails, equipment and other elements on the land belonging to the building (fences, play equipment for children, frames for cleaning carpets, benches, etc.)

– Regular services to a device for heating and hot water (boiler and heat substations, etc.)

– Full service elevator,

– Full-time fire services installations and fire extinguishers in the building,

– Regular services unit for lighting, hidroforskih plant and pump stations for wastewater pumping stations and water,

– Regular services at antenna rack, pressurized to receive television programming including the equipment used in cable and satellite TV,

– Regular services to plumbing, sewage, electricity, gas, etc.

– Regular services of other appliances and devices in the building as required by manufacturers in,

– Cleaning of chimneys and flue (dimnjaèarske services)

– Pest control joint space and separate parts of the building when the building is done throughout the building in order to permanently eliminate štetoèina and vermin,

– Canal cleaning bags,

– Cleaning septic tanks,

– Cleaning of drainage grids, water animals and gutters.

Article 5

Emergency repair work is considered to be taking on the shared parts of the building and appliances especially in case:

– Failures on gas installations,

– Failure of the system of central heating and hot water systems,

– Puknuæa, damage is closure and water and sewage installations, in preventing further harmful consequences,

– Failures elektriènoj installation

– Significant damage is the chimney and flue,

– Penetration of rain water into the building, eliminating impacts of the same penetration, and significant damage is the roof,

– Disturbed static stability of the building or parts of buildings,

– Failures in the elevator

– Drop the parts of the façade.

The administrator can perform emergency repairs on a separate part of the building if you do not do the same owner of that part of the building, and one of them threatened the rest of the building.

In this case, a common reserve funds spent shall compensate the owner of the building.

The Manager determines the need to perform emergency repairs required to take the same immediately or within resonable reason.

Article 6

Emergency repairs considered undertaking works in particular for:

– Repair roofs, and walls, columns, meðukatnih structures, foundations,

– Repair of chimneys and flue,

– Repair of flat and pitched roofs,

– Landslide remediation,

– Installation of the joint replacement parts and devices of the building (water, sewer, electricity, gas, heating, etc.)

– Repair of the façade of the building,

– Insulation of walls, floors and building foundations.

Article 7

Co-owner of the building or building manager shall submit the administrative department of the local government in charge of housing the City of xxxxxx information regarding ownership flats, flat surfaces, equipment and location of the apartment in the building.

Data from the first paragraph this Article should not be sent if they have been submitted in accordance with regulations of the Lease.

Article 8

This Regulation shall enter into force upon its publication in the “Official Gazette”.

Class: 370-01/97-01/13
No.: 5030116-97-2
Zagreb, 19 June 1997.

mr. Zlatko Matesa, mp

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