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Coercive Management programmes are currently in Place on Brac, in the following Municipalities : 

Supetar, Sutivan, Postira, Bol.

Please contact us regarding your rights. You are not obliged tot take the appointed Company !


The Law on Communal Management was fully established in 1992 and is very clear on what it expects  from Home , Villa and co/owners in Apartment Buildings n Croatia.

It is for the benefit of all and is the cheapest and most secure form of maintenance available for Villas in Exclusive Bays, to Apartment Blocks

Our Services include :

Communal block maintenance contracts

Association set up , including official Bank Account of the Association for Reparation funds for future occurences

Mediation between neighbours and Developers

Block insurance schemes

Communal Management out of season basic services , according to local regulations as low as 1.5kn per sqm.

Monthly property inspections of building and individual Units , all external areas and pool .

Check all common walls , external parts of buildings, drains, lights and pool covers and filters

Check for Ac damage to external areas from leakage

Checks for damp and settling

Check all external parts of windows and shutters

Check electric and water meters and readings

Check all drains are clear etc

General garden tidy for winter upkeep and clear property of any rubbish or trees that may have blown to property

Checking for security issues and locks

Biocycle unit or septic tank checks , a specialist is required for cleaning and pump requirements however, general maintenance and checks are applied to keep services to the minimum.

Checks on lightening conductors through, out of season period

Keyholding included for building and unit entry in case of emergency or leaks

Municipal charges, electric, water and property taxes are extra. Properties will be disconnected by the Municipality, if bills are left unpaid . In this case a fine will be charged to the co-owners and internal utilities will not be reignited until all payments received.

This is not a situation that can occur if an Association deals with billing and keeps your payments up to date



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